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Who we are

Obrelli, since 1929 Gold, jewelry, and precious metals dealer s.r.l

The marriage between the world of gold and Obrelli, a family of entrepreneurs from Trentino Alto Adige, dates back to 1929 when Italo took over the watch and jewelry shop in Lavis from his uncle. Since then, the family business has grown to its current state, earning an excellent reputation and recognition for the passion in its work. It has successfully combined a love for beauty with the precision of Austrian imprinting and fine Italian taste, handed down through the generations.

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Obrelli atterra sul Corriere della Sera per presentare le sue Eccellenze a livello nazionale nell’ambito dell’investimento in oro

Before presenting the features of our products, we would like to inform you that, should you decide to disinvest, we formally and contractually commit ourselves, indicating on the purchase invoice, to repurchase at any time and pay immediately. We also immediately peg the repurchase price at the value indicated on kitco.com at the time of the repurchase with an insignificant deduction. This guarantees our customers an extra return compared to those who have not purchased from us. We also peg the price of the return at the value indicated on kitco.com at the time of the return with a derisory deduction. This guarantees our customers an extra income compared to those who did not buy from us.

Our products: bars and coins

All Argor Hereaus ingots and coins have ‘Good Delivery’ characteristics according to LBMA parameters.
We at Obrelli have chosen to offer Argor Hereaus ingots because of the unparalleled quality standards in production and the characteristics of the guarantees. In addition, the service offered, combined with the policies of responsibility and sustainability, respect for the environment and work, make Argor the best interlocutor imaginable.

We combine these with our own bars signed Obrelli-Dyna-barr, which are delivered in the Certiline blister pack with the signature of a precious metals assayer as external certifier.

We also specify that purchase proposals are sent from the site which must be accepted in advance by us based on the availability of the products, as indicated in the contract, which we ask you to read carefully.

Upon request, we can issue an additional specific Obrelli guarantee and authenticity certificate for ingots and coins.

For the purchase of large lots, please contact us by phone! We will be happy to find the best economic offer for you.

Limited-time promotion: for every purchase of at least 20 g of gold, we give away a bracelet or necklace of genuine natural pearls.

IBAN: IT42W0830434930000060394496
Cassa di Trento

IBAN: IT62B0200801618000106813488
Unicredit Milano San Babila


To request information, please call us Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on +39 338 8250553.


Safe shipping with Obrelli

For shipping info: see FAQ section.
We specify that the goods travel in numbered security envelopes with a numbered steel seal. We send the customer photos to compare with the parcel before signing it, so it is impossible for the parcel to be emptied or lightened. Packages are insured at our expense and therefore the customer risks nothing. All parcel preparation takes place under video recording.

IMPORTANT: the documents in the Regulations and Contract section are to be completed ONLY for the first purchase; they are therefore not necessary for subsequent purchases.


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caratteristiche dei nostri lingotti

aquila basket

Aquila Basket Trento - Lega Basket Serie A

Obrelli for Sports

We at Obrelli are extremely proud to support two great sports teams: Trento Aquila Basket and Pallamano Pressano di Lavis.

trento aquila basket

Pallamano Pressano di Lavis - Campioni d'Italia

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