Argor Heraeus

The golden link

We at Obrelli have elected to offer Argor Heraeus bars exclusively, given their unparalleled production standards and guarantees. Furthermore, with its emphasis on responsibility, sustainability, respect for the environment and for work, the services Argor offers make it the best provider imaginable.

Argor's accreditations and certifications (shown below), as well as its key position in the value chain, leave no doubt about the characteristics of its bars. It is a global gold market leader with an annual turnover over 22 billion euros. As a result, the benefits for investors are clear and irrefutable.

Upon request, we can sell any precious metal besides gold (for example silver and palladium) and bars other than those offered in the shop and on the site. All our bars meet LBMA Good Delivery specifications.

All bars have the "Good delivery" characteristics.

LBMA, RGG Recertification
LBMA, RSG Recertification
LPPM, RPPG Recertification
RJC, Code of Practices Recertification

London Bullion Market Association


The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) was founded in 1987 by the market regulator of the time, the Bank of England. It is a trade association for the "over the counter" gold and silver market in London. It is responsible for refining standards, commercial practices, and certification of the metals used to produce gold and silver bars and coins.
It is made up of over 120 companies from around the world with links to the London gold and silver market.

To find out more, visit the official website.

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