Services for private investors:

  • Free investment consultations with educated professionals
  • Presentation of the various bar types available on the market
  • Market price analysis
  • Sale of pure gold bars from Argor Hereaus, personalizable
  • Gold sales come with a repurchase guarantee. We will repurchase gold you buy from us at a price based on current values from an institutional website
  • Purchase of bars from any foundry or precious metals depository
  • Purchase of previously owned gold jewelry
  • Production and sale of customized coins and corporate gifts
  • Custody, storage, and transport services
  • Gemological analysis
  • Appraisals, including for the Italian tax revenue agency (Agenzia dell’Entrate)

Physical gold safekeeping services

If you don’t know how to store your gold personally, trust us at Obrelli! We will provide you with a dedicated vault. Obrelli is in contact with the principal banks of Trentino Alto Adige.

Accumulation planning

We are availableto advise you best if you want to buy physical gold, even if occasionally and invarying or minimal amounts, with simple and transparent methods. You can decide whether to sell it through immediate transfers or collect payment in ingots either with your own two hands, or by depositing them with us at Obrelli at any time.

Our B2B Services

  • Purchase of previously owned gold from gold shops and jewelers
  • Purchase of out-of-business jeweler’s stock
  • Sale of gold plates and prefabricated products to jewelry manufacturers, businesses, and goldsmiths
  • Recovery of production, refining, and casting scraps, precious metal analysis all on behalf of third parties

Gold and

precious metal refining

Rely on us at Obrelli for the refining and recovery of gold, silver, palladium and platinum at the highest levels; our procedures and processing are guaranteed by a Good Delivery certification from the LBMA.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff, all gold is recovered at a very low cost.

The gold bar,

an excellent gift idea

Make a personalized and unique giftfor a baptism, birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion.
Make it even more precious with a personalized inscription, dedication, or declaration.
We at Obrelli offer unique customization services to make your gift truly special.

Personalized inscriptions can also be placed onto gold coins.

Choose your gift and your message,
and we’ll take care of the rest!


We are at your complete disposal for personalized quotes, upon request.

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